Saturday, 27 September 2014

Hungerford bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridge

The Hungerford Bridge crosses the River Thames in London, and lies between Waterloo Bridge and Westminster Bridge. It is a steel truss railway bridge – sometimes known as the Charing Cross Bridge – flanked by two more recent, cable-stayed, pedestrian bridges that share the railway bridge's foundation piers, and which are named the Golden Jubilee Bridges.

West wood

Experience a taste of the countryside at Westwood Local Nature Reserve. Not far from the bustle of Southampton’s city centre, Westwood is a tranquil green open space offering fresh air, natural delights and a surprising history.
An enchanting blend of ancient woodlands and rolling grasslands covers 150 acres next to the captivating Netley Abbey. Discover a flourishing wildlife in the rich mix of natural habitats; explore a fascinating local heritage; and enjoy some beautiful views across Southampton Water towards the lush New Forest.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Blue wave

“You never really know what's coming. A small wave, or maybe a big one. All you can really do is hope that when it comes, you can surf over it, instead of drown in its monstrosity.”

― Alysha Speer

I need to learn Surf!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Netley Abbey - The Abbey Church of St Mary of Edwardstow

Netley Abbey is a ruined late medieval monastery in the village of Netley near Southampton in Hampshire, England. The abbey was founded in 1239 as a house for Roman Catholic monks of the austere Cistercian order. Despite being a royal abbey, Netley was never rich, produced no influential scholars nor churchmen, and its nearly 300-year history was quiet.
In 1536, Netley Abbey was closed by Henry VIII of England during the Dissolution of the Monasteries and the building was converted into a mansion by William Paulet, a wealthy Tudor politician. The abbey was used as a country house until the beginning of the eighteenth century, after which it was abandoned and partially demolished for building materials. Subsequently the ruins became a tourist attraction, and provided inspiration to poets and artists of the Romantic movement. In the early twentieth century the site was given to the nation, and it is now a Scheduled Ancient Monument, cared for by English Heritage. The extensive remains consist of the church, cloister buildings, abbot's house, and fragments of the post-Dissolution mansion. Netley Abbey is one of the best preserved medieval Cistercian monasteries in southern England.

Stormy time

I don't know if it's stormy time for the weather or if it's the couple who provoke the storm. That is the question, anyway the tree will receive a thunder, or it already received it, maybe!

Boat over the dock

I feel very attracted for this kind of image.  Specially for the sky, that light going through the clouds it's fantastic. I am waiting for being illuminated, maybe.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Lighthouse and Hurst Castle

The first lighthouse at Hurst was the Hurst Tower, sited to the south west of Hurst Castle, and lit for the first time 1786. An additional and higher light - the High Lighthouse - was constructed in 1812.

These lighthouses were dismantled and replaced by two new lighthouses built in 1860. The first was the "Low Light" built into the rear wall of the west wing of the castle, which was superseded by the adjacent iron lighthouse in 1911. The second lighthouse was the "High Light" – the free standing Hurst Point Lighthouse built on the end of Hurst Spit between 1865 and 1867.

that fish

Carrying on with Lymington, you can walk around the beach and to find curious scenes like this fisherman fishing the sun, that instead of taking it, he prefer to contemplate it.  Very smart the fisherman, otherwise, he would get burn himself.

Sunset in Lymington

Attracting visitors with its large natural harbour, the Lighthouse arts centre and Blue Flag beaches. I really enjoyed when I almost finish my journey with this beautiful sunset.

Lymington Harbour

A beautiful Georgian market town, Lymington is situated on the southern edge of the New Forest at the western end of the Solent. There are many excellent reasons to visit Lymington and its scenic harbour and we pride ourselves on providing a friendly welcome to all.